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At Hog Heaven Canoe we try to give you the best trip possible. Our packages are filled with adventure and fun.

About Us

Find your adventure with Hog Heaven Canoe. We emphasize on giving you the best time possible and also help you acquire some skill. We teach you how to enjoy recreational activities and also have fun at the same time.

We also offer rental gears and teach you various techniques. We help you become more aware of the environment and help you have the best time possible.

Budget-Friendly Trips

At Hog Heaven Canoe you can have an amazing experience at a low budget. We are eager to provide you with the best experience possible and make you feel fancy at a very low price. You can explore everything from ice skating, rock climbing, and many other fitness outdoor activities.

Luxury Accommodation

Our team helps you plan your vacation which exceeds your expectations. Experience a genuine stay at some of the best hotels. Whether you are looking for a luxury family stay or business hotels we got it all covered. We will help you plan an adventures trip and also help you rest your heads at some of the best hotels in the location.

Experienced Guides

We have a set of tour guides who are extremely good at what they do. Our guides know everything about your destinations and are also quite enthusiastic about making your trip and adventures one. You don’t have to worry about having any hassles in your trip as our guides got you covered.

Hog Heaven Canoe has given me one of the best trips of my life. I could enjoy the journey to its fullest at a very low budget. The entire team was friendly, and the tour guides knew how to take care of me in the best possible way.

– Vince Lombardi

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The latest news and events from the Hoe Heaven Canoe.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Bow Sight

Shooting an arrow and being confident that it is going to end up where you want it to are two different things. It will be even more difficult to achieve if you don’t use a bow sight. There are many different types of bow sight options available to the archer, all of which will help to improve your chances of shooting accurately.

The difficult part of the process is working out what type of bow sight will suit your shooting. There are a number of features that are important but there are others that could be completely irrelevant to you. How do you know which is which?

Here are a few things to consider that might play a part in your decision making process:

  • Compatibility with your bow
  • Understanding the parts of a bow sight
  • Number of pins and their sizes
  • Illumination features
  • Adjustability
  • Noise suppression
  • Price

The first thing to work out is whether the bow sight is going to be compatible to your bow. Check that the mounting bracket will fit on your bow’s riser. With modern bows and sights that are being made today this should not be a huge issue. However, there are some types of bow sights, such as the Viper Diamondback Fixed Plate MicroTune sight that has been specifically designed to be compatible to the Mathews compound bows.

Learn the different parts of the bow sight so that you are familiar with the terminology. Know that the pins are the small metal pieces that hold the fiber optics within the sight aperture. They provide you with the means to line up your target.

Determine whether you are more comfortable with vertically or horizontally mounted pins. Some manufacturers specialise in making their sights with one method or the other.

The illumination of the sight can be achieved in a few different ways. The first is with the fiber optics themselves. Generally, the longer the fibers, the brighter the sights are going to be. Many bow sights also have a glo-ring installed around the perimeter of the pin housing. This helps define the field of vision and can increase clarity. An optional extra that can be installed is a rheostat light which will help whenever the natural light begins to fail.

Pin sizes vary from one sight to another. Indeed, within single models it is possible to choose the size yourself. It is usually best not to use pins that are overly thick because it will have a tendency to cover a small target.

Adjustability is a big feature that is being dealt with more and more by manufacturers. Even the so-called fixed-pin bow sights are being turned into adjustable sights thanks to the tool-less models that are being produced. Gang-adjustment is also being made available in many models and this means that you only have to dial in one of the pins, lock it down and then the other pins will fall into place at even distances. The fixed pin sights are virtually becoming quasi-movable sights thanks to the continued innovation and improvement by manufacturers.

In all of this, it pays to keep up with the latest sight releases and be aware of what new changes have been built into the new sights. The goal of the manufacturer is to provide a sight that improves the accuracy of the shooter. You then get to choose whether you need a single pin sight, 3 pins, 4 pins, 5 or more.

The price is going to play a part in how you choose your sight as well. The more features the sight has and the quality of the materials used in the construction will generally mean a higher cost. Tournament sights that are particularly precise are going to head the list in expense. Don’t be fooled though, there are some very good low-cost bow sights available, particularly if you work out that the whizz-bang features are not necessary.

The best archery sight is the one that you feel most comfortable using. Knowing the various features it offers you and being able to quickly and efficiently adjust it so that you are quickly lining up your target for an accurate, silent shot.

Fishing tips and tricks


Ask ten fishermen/ladies about their insider certainties for productive fishing and you will discover ten extraordinary arrangements. The clarification behind this is everyone has made fishing techniques after some time, frequently from tips come by their senior citizens, and they are not fishing for a comparable sort of fish. Fish are unique, despite their ordinary tendencies to drape together in schools. Trout, panfish, salmon, bass and perch visit differing parts of lakes, conduits, inlets and streams. What works for one kind of fish may not work at all for another sort of fish.

Fishing Boy

Have essential learning perceive what kind of fish you have to get, and get some answers concerning their affinities and living space. Time of day is basic; some fish will eat best toward the start of the day, while others are hungrier toward the night. Some like nippy water and others stick to the more smoking shallows. Make sure to check the atmosphere report before you take off on the conductors.

Have legitimate gear for direct fishing off a dock, paddle pontoon or shoreline, you require a basic fishing set that fuses a bar, reel, line and catches. Fishing supply holders are ideal for passing on and orchestrating little equipment like sharp catches, baits, extra line and an edge. Fill your fishing supply compartment with an electric light, adjustable torque, forceps, crisis treatment supplies, spare catches and shaft tips, stick and a lighter.

Be prepared to bait-without a doubt, even fish have assorted tendencies concerning sustenance. Use bait that your target fish appreciate. Cover the catch with the worm or other bait, so the fish gets set on a better than average catch when they eat down on the luring draw. Some fake and electronic baits offer to particular sorts of fish yet not others. Make an effort not to run hunting down perch with attract planned to pull in salmon. Glimmering keen draws can sun trance certain fish; use tangled metal baits.


Get maps and neighbourhood reports-check at the nearest bait looks for close-by arrive maps and fishing development reports before you take off for the day fishing. Maps that show the shape base of lakes and conduits empower you to find the drop-offs and diverse zones that particular fish slant toward, like significant openings or congested regions near the shoreline. Other fishermen can urge you (if they will) about where the fish are biting that day.

Stay patient and tranquil hold commotion to a base, yet pass on along a comment you relax; be understanding. Keep a nearby search for any fishing line improvement; a smart hard pull is a chance to catch a fish in case you are readied.

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